Our Moms and Dads

Here is a little information on all our mamas and papas!

Our Standard Mamas

Tepper is our newest mama. She is sweet, playful, and soft and fluffy. She lives with her mom and dad and kiddos in Knoxville.

Mable is the daughter of Piper, one of our all time favorite mamas. She is just like her mom; sweet, calm, quiet and very loving. Her favorite activities are hanging out with her family, and playing on the trampoline.

Georgia is the sweetest F1 goldendoodle you will evermeet. She lives with her family and her adopted sister Stella in Corryton, TN, where she is spoiled tremendously. She loves traveling to the beach with her family, and offering friendly snuggles to everyone she meets. She hair is wavy red, with gold highlights.

Our Standard Dads


O’Malley lives with his family and kiddos in Knoxville. He is sweet and playful with a great disposition. He is about 55lbs and makes some super cute puppies!

Charlie, our original standard dad, is an F1b goldendoodle, which means that one parent (his mother) was a golden doodle and one parent (his father) was a Standard Poodle. Charlie loves walks with his people, and cuddling with the three adoring children he lives with. He is friendly with both people and other dogs. He is a fast learner and a whole lot of fun!

Hershey is a smaller standard poodle at about 45lbs. He is very smart, and very loyal. He loves his family and wants to snuggle all the time! He lives with us at Holston River Goldendoodles where he is currentlygetting very spoiled with love.

Our Mini Mamas

Pepper is a little bitty mini mama. She is very, very sweet, and playful. She loves other dogs and adores children. She lives in a house full of kids and loves to get loved on by her family-even the toddlers.

Bella is an F1 mini Goldendoodle who lives with her family (and goats!) in Maryville, TN. She is approximately 25 pounds, which is the perfect size for a lapdog like her. She loves kids and playing with other dogs. She is sweet, affectionate and fun!

PC (Princess Cheesecake) is an approximately 30lb F1 goldendoodle. She lives with her guardians (our in-laws)  in Alabama. This includes three children, who cuddle with her non-stop. She was born in October 2016. She is sweet, lively and loves to snuggle!

Our Mini Dad

Higgins was born in March, 2017 and comes from a long line of DNA tested and certified poodles. He is a Moyen (or small standard) poodle, and weighs about 35lbs. He is sensitive, smart, sometimes stubborn, and affectionate. He lives with us at Holston River Goldendoodles, and loves hopping like a sheep down the yard to check out the birds in the river.

Our (retired) Standard Moms

Zoey and Piper are half sisters who spend their days playing in the sun and spend their nights snuggling their people. They love car rides, playing with their toys, and pretending they are lapdogs! Zoey is energetic and playful, while Piper is fun, but very laid back.