The Mamas and the Papas

Here is a little information on all our mamas and papas!

Our Standard Mamas

Shelby is a small standard Goldendoodle with lots of wavy hair. She is very smart and very people oriented. She is great with kids and has a strong bond with her human four year old (there has been talk of marriage). She is protective, but friendly on walks. Shelby’s grandmother’s AKC golden retriever lineage wasn’t as pure as registration would suggest, and her DNA test shows that there was less than 6% mix of cocker spaniel and German Shepard many generations back. But her looks, personality, and temperament are pure goldendoodle.

Izzy is an F1b, and is about 45 pounds. She is very intelligent, affectionate, fun loving and mischievous. She lives with her family in Knoxville, TN. She loves snuggles and playing with her puppies, and any puppies she can find! She loves cats (more than they love her!)


Our Standard Dads

O’Malley lives with his family and kiddos in Knoxville. His dad is an apricot parti poodle with champion blood lines. He is great with kids and other dogs. He is sweet and playful with a great disposition. He is about 50-55lbs and makes some super cute puppies!



 Sam is an absolute sweetheart, who happens to be Shelby’s brother! He has a great temperament and does well with children of all ages. He is known for being especially sweet with the ladies!

Our Mini Mamas

Oni is the sweetest little thing. She lives with her family, including four young boys and big sister Pepper, in Knoxville. She is their favorite person in the whole world. She is about 30lbs of snuggles. She is a great mom, and very smart.

Penney is about 32 lbs, of sweetness and a dash of spunk. She is playful, affectionate and very, very smart. She opens doors (not just handles-door knobs) and has yet to meet a puzzle she can’t solve. She

Our Mini Dads

Dunkin is a 1 year old mini golden doodle, and is the happiest puppy you’ll ever meet. He loves his family and loves to be loved on. He is easy to train, knows several tricks,  listens well, and *mostly* does what he’s told. He loves kids, playing with other dogs, and chasing a ball. He lives with another mini doodle and his sweet family. 

Higgins was born in March, 2017 and comes from a long line of DNA tested and certified poodles. He is a Moyen (or small standard) poodle, and weighs about 35lbs. He is sensitive, smart, sometimes stubborn, and affectionate. He lives with us at Holston River Goldendoodles, and loves bounding like a sheep down the yard to check out the birds in the river.

Our (retired) Standard Moms

Zoey and Piper are half sisters who spend their days playing in the sun and spend their nights snuggling their people. They love car rides, playing with their toys, and pretending they are lapdogs! Zoey is energetic and playful, while Piper is fun, but very laid back.


 Mable is Piper’s daughter, and lives out her retirement with her sister Maggie, and her human family who love her very much. She chases water hoses, sleeps in the bed and spoils her people rotten.

Georgia and Stella live with their family in Corryton. The spend days on the farm and nights relaxing with their people. They are very loved and always have each other to play with.

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