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    1. Piper just had a litter 2 days ago. 2 black girls, one red girl and 3 black boys, and 4 reddish boys. We will not know what is available until those who have reserved a puppy pick. This time that we are letting them pick at 8 weeks when they come to take them home. In the past people have picked it 6 weeks but then change their minds and it gets confusing as to which puppies are and aren’t available.


    1. Our puppies are $1200 dollars each, and this includes:

      a blanket that smells like their mom
      a leash and collar
      one toy
      vet records, including that they have up to date vaccinations
      two days (16 oz) of puppy food
      One very cute puppy!
      We offer a full refund if the puppy is found to be unhealthy due to a genetic problem during the first two years.

      We do ask for a $250 deposit, but it can be put toward a puppy from a future litter if you are unable to get a puppy at this time. The order in which we receive deposits is the order in which customers can have their choice of puppy. You can choose puppies by visitation starting at 4 weeks or by photograph. Puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks.


  1. I am looking for an F1B non-shedding miniature goldendoodle…..
    I want to keep the dog inside, and would like one that doesn’t shed….if at all possible.
    Prefer the miniature doodle as well….choc or red in color thanks kim


      1. How large will the dogs average do you think in the August litter ? How many people have already put deposits down ?


  2. I live and teach in Knoxville. My daughter really wants a mini golden doodle. Do you ever discount your prices? Your dogs are beautiful!


  3. Good morning!
    We are interested in a female golden doodle (not black). We live in Knoxville, and we were wondering when we could come see your puppies.


  4. What is the average weight of the dogs from Zoeys litters ? We have a 5yr old F1 but he’s 100 # and I want to get a puppy for a therapy dog and I want a smaller like 50 # ?


    1. Ours are somewhere in between that. The two males we have are tall enough that you dont have to bend down to pet them (they get pretty tall!) but still very light. Our two females are shorter, but heavier. That could mostly be because they have had puppies though. I doubt any of our puppies could be guaranteed to be only 50lbs though.


  5. Hey I was wondering if you currently have a litter of pups and if not are u planning on having a litter soon? Also do y’all have mini, medium or standard, as well as cost? Look forward to hearing back from you.


  6. Do you have any available? How much are they ? I had 3 poodles, Maggie died when she was 19, my sweet boy dog, Max, died when he was 17 & my toy poddle died at 19 just 6 months. I saw a labradoodle & fell in love with it! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jan Fritter


    1. Sorry I sent that too soon:) we don’t have any available at this moment, but check back after thanksgiving. If not then, then we should have some more puppies in a couple of months. Our standard sized pups are $1000-1400 and our minis are usually $1600. Thank you!


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