Otter (Beast) grew up to be so handsome!

“He is a love muffin!  

He’s just fantastic all around”


Lucy (Liesel) and had a great time with her BFF in the snow!

Penny had so much fun with her humans!

Otter (Beast) LOVES the snow!

Theo thought he would rather stay in and snuggle 🙂


Chip loves his humans, but the snow is so exciting that sometimes you have to just take a minute to rest:) Joanna will hopefully be one of our mama dogs in the future!

Howie (Lumiere) looks like he is loving his first snow!

Raven (Tigerlily) enjoying the weather


This mama to be is playing in the snow with her kiddos (and her adorable sweater). Puppies due around Valentines day!



Captain Hook looks like a beast in the snow-but really he just wants to go in and cuddle



Nugget (a possible mama for us!) got caught snacking on some snow



From happy families:

Nori (Mrs. Potts) is loving her new home and  (human) brother and sister!



Tacy all dressed up for Halloween



Magnolia (Louisa) is loving her new home (and is gorgeous!)

“They are good! She is so gentle, perfect for our kids. Protective of us. But, friendly to others as well. ” -Magnolia’s family




 Gaston, all grown up!

His mom says he does not shed much, and his coat is low maintenance. And that he is very sweet 🙂


She was Wendy when she lived with us, and all that wavy hair was almost smooth!






Nola (Maria) having fun with her boys!


Liesel with her new family!


Harlyn (Marta) shopping with her new big brother!

Tucker (Max) on the go with his family!





Finn (formerly known as Tigger) enjoying his new family

(and winning first place in a cutest puppy contest!)

FullSizeRender (4)


Kanga loving her new home!

Just some cute puppy pictures!

Michael givin’ kisses


Out Explorin’

It’s snuggle time in Tennessee!


Sometimes a nursing mama just needs a hug!

sammy huggin piper

Sweet Puppy Snuggles

Addy 2

Cuddly babies

Tigger and his toy, Kanga and her snuggles

 Roo, Tigger and Piglet welcoming spring and dying to get out and play


Mama please let us out so we can explore!

two puppies

 Sweet snuggles


Getting Cozy

puppy in sweater

 Our Mamas and Daddy



Babies and puppies meeting!

Our Daddy and his kiddos

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