About their Coats

Understandably, people have a lot of questions about their coats. Here is some information to help out!

Smooth Coats

Some Goldendoodles are born with a straight coat, but this rarely occurs in F1B Goldendoodles. Unlike a curly coat, this is very easy to maintain. Owners will need to brush and have their doodles groomed less often.  However, these Golden Retriever looking doodles will not look like the classic goldendoodle, and they do not have a big bushy muzzle.  While this coat can produce some shedding, our clients who have taken home a flat-coat doodle have not had an issue. Here are some quotes from our customers on the subject:

“He doesn’t shed as much as a golden retriever.”

“She doesn’t shed anymore than I do!”

“If you want a typical doodle, then I️ would recommend one that looks like a doodle. If you want a doodle, but don’t want the up keep of a doodle coat (grooming is expensive and you have to keep up with brushing) then I️ would recommend one like Clark- he is pretty maintenance free.  Also, aside from the potty training,  we have absolutely loved having two puppies.”

These pups are actually littermates! Clark is the flat-haired, and Gus is the curly haired.

Wavy Coats

Wavy coats are more maintenance than smooth coats, but less than curly. They may shed some. They are the best of both worlds and gorgeous coats, but if you need them to be hypoallergenic (as many curly coated pups are) or no maintenance at all, you’re better off getting a curly or smooth haired dog.


Curly coats tend to shed very little, and usually mean you won’t find hair around your house. However they are shedding some, but the curls just catch the hair. That’s why brushing is so important and necessary to prevent matting. Visit our Grooming Tips page for more information on coat maintenance!

Visit our  Golden Doodle Generations page to learn more about their generations!

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